3ML Red Lick


The Classic Red Lick A.K.A Da Lick

is a sweet fruity fragrance for men & women.The fragrance features sweet noes of candy floss, vanilla, musk, oak moss and orange. A wonderfully refreshing fragrance oil.

Comes in a 3ML glass bottle, roller and gold coloured cap.

Do you know what draws attention to people the most after physical attraction?
A fragrance that compliments an individuals natural body scent of course.

Sadly, the issue with top of the range perfume outlets is that they are unaffordable to many. Some often ranging from £100-£200, as well as the ratio between the scent and alcohol being rather low.

Here at Jeylani Fragrance we offer not only 100% oil Based Fragrance that are free from alcohol, we also have a wide range
of exquisite scents to choose from. Our vast collection of unique fragrances range from...
There are of course plenty more scents to choose from that are sure to meet your needs!
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We also offer wholesale packs for perfume lovers, and for those who wish to make an exceptional profit from selling our quality fragrance range.
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